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    Estate Estimator
    Expected Investment Growth rate In Your Experience
    Inflation Rate In Your Experience
    What does the surviving spouse earn per month Spouse Gross Salary
    How many years will your spouse continue to work Normally this would be the term to retirement age
    What is The Take Home Cash Required by your family Our full Assessment tool will remind you of hidden monthly costs
    Use an SA Tax Calculator for the correct Tax Figure Ignore tax at your familys peril
    What is the age of your spouse  
    For how long will your family require the income Variable terms of required income are not taken into account EG child education costs/ maintenance
    Estate Assets Property Vehicles furniture collectables time share
    Would your spouse sell any asset and turn it into cash Sale of vehicles, property or collectables to generate extra income
    Exector Fee 3.99% vat inclusive - of the Estate Assets handled by your Executor
    What are your liabilities - Bond, Vehicle Loans, Credit Card etc What do you owe
    How much life cover is available for the family Life Cover on your life payable for your families use
    How much does your investments funding amount to What is the present fund value of your investments Savings Account Endownments etc
    How much does your retirement funding amount to What is the present fund value of your retirement annuities pension funds etc
    Income Summary
    Monthly income available 
    Monthly income required  
    Monthly shortfall/ Excess 
    Capital Summary
    Initial available cash 
    Initial liabilities and expenses 
    Initial shortfall/ Excess 
    Funds available will provide an income for 
    Additional cover required 
    • Assumption #1 : Your spouse salary will increase by inflation
    • Assumption #2 : You have estimated your family’s income needs fairly accurately
    • Assumption #3 : You have calculated the tax requirement accurately
    • Assumption #4 : You realise that this is an estimation - and does not take children or dependants term of requirement into account
    • Assumption #5 : You have taken ALL your hard assets into consideration
    • Assumption #6 : You have added up every cent that your estate could be liable for (no nasty surprises) Including Executor's Fees
    • Assumption #7 : You are sure that your life cover is active and not payable to a third party
    • Assumption #8 : The fund values for your investments are up to date
    • Assumption #9 : Your retirement instruments are divorce decree proof
    • Assumption #10 : You understand the rules of group life cover you may have
    Cash Flow